Karst Hydrogeology of the Ten Mile Creek Watershed
West Knoxville, Tennessee
Saturday, February 28, 2009
Trip Leader: Tom Zondlo

ETGS Attendees

Stop 4 - Large Spring

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Karst Hydrogeology of the Ten Mile Creek Watershed
Stop 5
Discharge Zone Along Dip-Oriented Stream Reach
Stop 1
Surface Water Features in the Headwaters Area
Stop 6
Lenoir Limestone Epikarst in Stormwater Retention Basin
Stop 2
Area of Significant Groundwater Discharge Along a Thrust Fault
Stop 7
Ebenezer Sinks Area (Multiple Swallets)
Stop 3
Groundwater Divides, Karst Features, and Stormwater Engineering
Stop 8
Cave System Under Residential Community and Associated Engineering Challenges
Stop 4
Large Spring
Stop 9
Resurgence Area Spring, Caves, and Quarries

All photos by J. Brad Stephenson unless otherwise specified.


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